dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

Eco-greening of the Mondego valley (Serra da Estrela, Portugal)
Aim of the project: (1) assessment of the role of traditional grazed olive groves for nature conservation and the smart and inclusive sustainable development in the European Union. (2) establishment of an organic group certification system for traditional olive systems in the upper Mondego valley in Portugal. (3) realisation of green farm payments for traditional farming in the Mondego valley. (4) organisation of an international workshop in Guarda (Domínio Vale do Mondego) on realising green payments in the EU.


Unfortunately this project was not awarded by the Van Tienhoven Foundation.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Jan - a very goog idea. The lower Mondego also needs preservation. Especially the side valleys of the lower Mondego river could serve as biodiversity reservoirs, as the main lower valley and part of the estuary are totaly destroid by intensive agriculture. As I know from you, formely the lower Mondego was an important transhumance area from Serra da Estrela.

    1. Indeed, the lower Mondego also needs preservation. The problem there is rather different. While in the higher valley abandonment - extensification - fire - destruction of vegetation, soil and vanishing traditional biodiversity linked to cultural landscapes is a problem, in the lower valley intensification already destroyed a lot. At least in the lower valley people can still make a living......